This game company is asking people to give it $5 as a Black Friday 'deal' --  and it's already made more than $13,000

Cards Against Humanity, the self-proclaimed “party game for horrible people,” has an unusual Black Friday deal: It’s asking people to give it $5 to receive absolutely nothing in return. 

“On Black Friday, everybody is selling something,” the company writes in the FAQ section. “We’re the only company to offer the superior Black Friday experience of buying nothing.”

By noon, the company had already reeled in more than $13,000. 

Game creator Max Tempkin has a penchant for setting up quirky promotions. Last year the company sold $180,000 worth of actual bull poop, and the year before that it sold the game for $5 more than usual — causing an enormous spike in sales. 

In this case, it literally pays to have a sense of humour. 

Tempkin and his friends first invented the wild card game several years ago, and it’s kind of a dirty fill-in-the-blanks game where you complete funny phrases with answers like “spontaneous human combustion” or “my collection of high-tech sex toys.” 


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