It Took Me Way Too Long To Find This Amazing iPhone App For Business Cards

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My coworkers have been buzzing about CardMunch for a long time. They wrote about the app months before LinkedIn acquired it in January.I didn’t try CardMunch until yesterday. It’s one of the few things I can honestly say I wish I had found sooner.

Cardmunch doesn’t eliminate business cards altogether, but it keeps you from having to hoard (and lose) piles of them.

The app is simple. You take a picture of a business card and upload it to CardMunch. CardMunch has people type in the person’s information and store it as a clean, mobile contact. It also keeps a photo of the original business card as a backup.

Since CardMunch is owned by LinkedIn, the app automatically finds the person’s profile, pulls in shared connections, and pulls in highlights from their bio.

Cards are transcribed quickly and are listed in alphabetical order.

Take, for example, Marissa Mayer’s old Google business card. Here’s me uploading it into CardMunch:

First, take a picture of the card:

cardmunch marissa mayer

In a few minutes, the contact will appear in your list with a “new” banner. Scroll down to find the contact’s name.

cardmunch marissa mayer

The picture of the card is saved even after the contact information is transcribed and stored in CardMunch.

cardmunch marissa mayer

Photo: Business Insider/Alyson Shontell

Here’s what Marissa’s card looks like as a CardMunch app. Unfortunately CardMunch isn’t great at using LinkedIn to update contact information. Since Marissa now has a new job, CardMunch doesn’t pull in her updated Yahoo LinkedIn profile.

cardmunch marissa mayer

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