The Cardinals Won’t Be Autographing World Series Balls Because Pujols Demanded Too Much Money

Albert Pujols

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There will be no World Series baseballs autographed by the entire St. Louis Cardinals team this year.For those hoping to purchase a piece of history, they can blame Albert Pujols, whose demands made the process too costly.

According to Darren Rovell of CNBC, the signing tradition was  scrapped because Pujols’ demands “made ball cost prohibitive.” Rovell also noted that Pujols has an autograph fee of approximately $250, which is the same amount charged by Alex Rodriguez.

It is unclear how many baseballs would have been autographed, or how much the baseballs would be worth on the open market. But one charity auction is selling a 2010 San Francisco Giants autographed World Series baseball for $1,500. And there are no stars on the Giants roster as big as Pujols.