'Suicide Squad' star Cara Delevingne fires back at the 'horrific' critics of the movie

“Suicide Squad” hasn’t done much to help the critical reputation of DC Comics’ film universe.

The first reviews came in, and critics hated the film about a ragtag group of villains. Tech Insider’s Kirsten Acuna said the film didn’t “pack the same punch” as “Guardians of the Galaxy” and made her feel like she was watching “Batman v Superman” part two.

But one of the film’s stars, Cara Delevingne, is pushing right back against the reviews.

“The critics have been absolutely horrific. They’re really, really horrible. You know, I just don’t think they like superhero movies,” the actress, who plays Enchantress in the film, told Reuters.

Because while she admits “this movie isn’t perfect,” Delevingne said it was made for the fans.

“Suicide Squad” currently has a 27% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, a site that some fans are petitioning to shut down because of “unfair” reviews of the film.

Delevingne’s costar Will Smith is also putting weight on fans’ responses.

“I think people had expectations that may have been different, but I’m excited for the fans to get to vote,” the actor, who plays Deadshot in the film, told Reuters.

Henry Cavill, who plays Superman in the DC films, had much the same response to the negative critical response to “Batman v Superman.”

“What is really going to matter, I believe, is what the audience says,” Cavill told Yahoo. “Because they’re the ones who are buying tickets, they’re the ones who want to see more of this kind of story or not and so the audience’s voice is loudest and after this weekend the audience, at least partly, will have spoken.”

Only time will tell if fans respond the same way they did to “Batman v Superman,” which experienced a 69.1% drop in sales after its first weekend.

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