Car Sales: In Line With Expectations At 14.4 Million

Car lot full of overstock cars

Photo: AP

UPDATE:Ward’s Auto has called the month’s tally at 14.4 million, as final sales ticked over the 1.18 million mark. 


Business Insider is ready to call the April seasonally adjusted annual rate of light vehicle sales at 14.31 million, roughly in line with last month’s results but below industry expectations for 14.42 million.

Automakers sold 1.178 million units during the month, lower than the 1.404 million sold in March. However, seasonal adjustments more favourably impacted April numbers.

Ward’s Auto, the analytics firm that the Bureau of Economic Analysis relies on, is set to release the official figure in a few minutes time. 

More to come.

Below, individual results.

General Motors:  213,387

Ford: 180,350

Toyota: 178,044

Chrysler: 141,165

Honda: 122,012

Nissan: 71,329

Hyundai:  62,264

Kia: 47,550

Volkswagen: 37,173

BMW: 26,793

Fuji Heavy: 26,310

Daimler: 25,066

Mazda: 21,506

Audi: 11,521

Mitsubishi: 5,280

Geely: 4,847

Porsche: 3,437

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