Renting A Car Costs Only $17/Day In America's Cheapest City

Cheap Car Rental

Photo: Flickr/Jonathan Brodsky released its October 2011 Travel Savings Indicator this week, which features the top five cities in North America where car, air, and hotel rental rates have decreased the most.Rental car companies experienced the largest price reductions of all three categories. Honolulu, Hawaii took first place for the second consecutive year with a 59% price drop and an average rental price of $17. Washington, D.C. followed close behind with a rate decrease of 57% and an average rental price $28. 

The results were calculated by comparing booking data prices in the current month against Hotwire prices in the same month last year.

The full data is below. The airfare and car rental prices are average prices based on bookings across all car and seat classes. The hotel prices are examples for a particular Hot Rate® deal within that market.

Car Rental 

1.    Honolulu, HI with a 59% decrease, $17
2.    Washington, D.C. with a 57% decrease, $28
3.    Orlando, FL with a 51% decrease, $17
4.    Boston, MA with a 49 % decrease, $22
5.    Las Vegas, NV with a 48% decrease, $25 


1.    Knoxville, TN with a 11% decrease, $296.
2.    Kahului, HI with a 3% decrease, $456.
3.    Phoenix, AZ with a 3% decrease, $246.
4.    Boise, ID with a 1% decrease, $282.
5.    Chicago, IL with a 1% decrease, $242.


1.    Rochester, NY with a 12% decrease, $75 per night.
2.    Chattanooga, TN with a 7% decrease, $115 per night.
3.    Boise, ID with a 7% decrease, $51 per night.
4.    Santa Fe, NM with a 6% decrease, $120 per night.
5.    Willamsburg, VA with a 5% decrease, $62 per night.

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