CAR OF THE WEEK: Mercedes' Iconic 300 SL Roadster Can Be Yours For An Affordable $695,000

Car Of The Week Mercedes SL

Photo: via Hemmings

Believe it or not, the Mercedes SL Roadster is the budget member of the 300SL family.And now, one has appeared on Hemmings for the discount price of $695,000.

The coupe was built until 1957, and was then replaced with the roadster for the 1958 model year.

While the Gullwing coupes are the heavily-sought after cars, a 1955 alloy-body version recently sold for just less than $5 million and regular models sell for more than $1 million, the roadster provides pure open top enjoyment.

These cars beg to be driven and deserve to be seen on the road. And with more than 1,800 built, it isn’t likely you will see one at the shops.

For 1959, the circular headlamps were replaced with these larger units. We actually like them a lot. They add a muscular look to the front of the car.

The optional hardtop makes the car look very close to a coupe from the side.

As well as from the rear. That top was a $200 option when the SL was new. Now it probably increases the value of the car immensely.

Since it was a grand tourer, the SL had a prodigious trunk. It also looks to be in better condition than new.

The interior of an old Mercedes is a great place to be.

There is a very bespoke feel to every piece. Cars today just do not have the personal touches that are included here.

The venerable straight-six engine from the earlier coupes was carried over. Rated at around 220 horsepower, these were very quick cars.

It's cool to see original tags like this. It really gives a period feel as well as an air of credibility to the car.

Now get an idea of how great the 300SL's engine can sound.

Source: YouTube

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