CapLinked Raises $900K From A-Listers To Crush AngelList*

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[credit provider=”Bloomberg TV”]

CapLinked, a startup that describes itself as “LinkedIn-meets-Salesforce for private investing” has announced they’ve raised $900,000 from a-list angels like Peter Thiel and Dave McClure.Eric Jackson, the Founder and CEO of CapLinked, is a PayPal alum and so raised money from the PayPal mafia.

The startup wants to provide “a platform to connect” businesses and investors and helping them raise money. CapLinked says already two companies have raised money through their platform.

It looks like they’re trying to take on AngelList, the platform for raising early stage money which is making waves these days. A for-profit AngelList sounds like a good idea: helping investors invest is a time-honored and lucrative business model. But AngelList is a marketplace, and as such has network effects: the more buyers there are the more sellers there are and vice versa, so it’s going to be hard for CapLinked to catch up with AngelList, which has many startups, angels and VCs addicted.

Update: CEO Eric Jackson writes in the following:

We think AngelList is a great service and we aren’t trying to “crush” them. In fact, our two services are very different and in many ways complementary.

AngelList is a service for matching tech entrepreneurs with potential investors, who can then make a decision about whether or not to invest. CapLinked, by contrast, is a platform for sharing private and sensitive information. We give entrepreneurs CRM tools to manage private deals and make the due diligence process easier for companies, investors, and their advisors. And, once the investment is made, companies can use our site to send ongoing updates to their investors and other stakeholders.

…We’re not a broker-dealer or a matchmaking service.

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