Bodycam video shows a DC police officer being assaulted by Capitol rioters, with one yelling: ‘I got one!’

Capitol Riot bodycam
An image from the bodycam footage of the Washington, DC, police officer Michael Fanone. CNN
  • CNN aired footage of a Washington, DC, police officer being attacked during the Capitol riot.
  • The officer, Michael Fanone, can be heard screaming while a voice from the crowd said: “I got one!”
  • The officer is also heard pleading, saying, “I have kids.”
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Body-camera footage shows a Washington, DC, police officer being assaulted by rioters at the January 6 Capitol insurrection.

The footage, obtained by CNN, is from the body camera worn during the riot by Officer Michael Fanone of the Metropolitan Police Department. Five people, including a Capitol Police officer, died as a result of the violence.

In the video, Fanone could be heard screaming while a voice said, “I got one!”

Watch the clip here:

-CNN Tonight (@CNNTonight) May 13, 2021

The video recorded rioters attacking Fanone with a stun gun, CNN reported.

At one point, Fanone can be heard pleading, saying: “I have kids.”

At one point, another person in the crowd seems to intervene and get others to move away from Fanone, saying, “Don’t hurt him.”

Prosecutors say that during the riot Fanone was shot with a stun gun several times, dragged down steps, and beaten with a flagpole, and that he had a heart attack.

Fanone previously told CNN he was left with post-traumatic stress disorder.

More than 470 people have been charged in the insurrection so far.