11 Fascinating Facts About Millionaires Around The World

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The number of millionaires worldwide increased in 2010, as did their overall worth.A new study from Capgemini/Merrill Lynch Wealth Management reveals some great insights about how the financial crisis has affected high net worth individuals, from the way they structure their portfolios to their biggest investment concerns.

High net worth individuals are defined as people with more than $1 million in financial assets.

The study is a must read for anyone looking to serve wealthy clients.

The world's population of millionaires grew 8.3% in 2010

For the first time, there are more millionaires in Asia than in Europe

28.6% of the world's millionaires live in the United States

Millionaires are holding more equities and less cash compared to last year

Around the world, millionaires invest foremost in their home regions and then in North America

Demand for luxury cars rebounded in 2010, especially in Asia-Pacific, Russia and the Middle East

In 2010, 83% of millionaires around the world were 45 or older

More than one quarter of the world's millionaires are female

Millionaires are starting to trust their wealth management advisors again, post-crisis

Millionaires are most worried about the impact of the economy on their financial goals, and tax hikes

Millionaires are most concerned with preserving capital

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