100km/h winds sent riders' bikes flying into the air during a race in South Africa

A cycling race in South Africa had to be called off when winds grew to be so strong, the riders couldn’t even stay on their bikes and some even went flying down the street.

The chaos occurred near the start of the Cape Town Cycle Tour, with winds reaching speeds of 100km/h, according to the UK Guardian.

Videos posted to social media accounts show riders barely holding on to their bikes as they were trying to ride into the gusts of wind.

In this video you can see a large group of riders approach an overpass of some type. The group suddenly comes to complete stop as they encounter the winds.

In this video you can see bikes go flying.

Even moving off the course offered little relief from the winds.

Eventually, the 109km race was cancelled after 21km due to “extreme weather conditions.” The race’s official Twitter account warned spectators to stay away from the start line of the race.


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