Can't Find A Tradie? These Supply And Demand Charts Show Why

Australian demand for tradespeople rose late last year, driving rate hikes among tilers, plumbers, electricians and joiners across the country.

The Housing Industry Association today noted a rebound in home building activity in the past year, while renovations activity remained weak and mining investment fell.

The HIA reported a 11.7% rise in the total number of kitchen installations new new homes in 2012-13, valued at a record high of $3.29 billion and dramatically outperforming the association’s forecast of 2.6%.

Tilers charged an average of 2.9% more in September 2013, compared to the year prior. Electrician rates were up 4.5% and plumber rates were up 2.8% while joiners charged 1.4% less than the previous year on average.

“The joinery trade has experienced persistent oversupply over the past two years and developments with regards to rates reflect this weakness,” the HIA reported.

From the HIA’s Kitchens and Bathrooms Report:

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