How Google Made The Best Mobile Ad Of The Year For Coke

google coke mobileThis guy got a free Coke from the Google app.

Leave it to mobile ad giant Google, partnering with Coca-Cola, to win the first-ever Mobile Grand Prix at the swanky Cannes Lions advertising festival.This was the first year that the Mobile Circus (actual competition name) came to the beaches of the French Riviera in Cannes, the crème de la crème of the ad award circuit.

With almost as many mobile subscriptions as there are people on the earth, mobile advertising is growing at an exponential rate and is a medium that advertisers can’t ignore.

Most people equate mobile ads with disruptive and unappealing banners, but Google’s winning campaign, called “Hilltop Reimagined,” breaks this stereotype and focuses on the social potential of mobile ads.

As part of Google’s Project Rebrief, in which the company recreated classic ads for the digital era, “Hilltop Reimagined” put a new spin on the classic 1971 Coke ad in which people gather on a hilltop and sing about buying the world a Coke.

Using creatives from Grow Interactive, led by Johannes Leonardo, Google created an Android and iPhone app in which people could actually send people free Cokes (from specially made and strategically located vending machines) from their phone. Users could send a personalised message along with the Coke—using Google Translate to convey the message in the recipient’s language, of course.

Google barely beat out Toyota’s “Backseat Driver” (by Party Tokyo). The app was as a digital toy that  uses the iPhone’s GPS function to allow children in the backseat to “drive” a virtual car that’s travelling on the same route as the care they’re in. The jury had to do a tie-breaking vote.

Watch the video below to see Google’s mobile ad:

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