CANNES FILM FESTIVAL: Here Are 10 Films That Will Soon Be Making Waves

Photo: Cannes Film Festival

We’re smack in the middle of the Cannes Film Festival at present and dozens of films are vying for the honour of the best film award: the Palme d’Or. Out of the 70-plus feature films screening in France this week, we have a list of 10 that you’ll want to watch out for this coming movie and awards season. 

Dozens of big celebs are coming to the festival with exciting new features. Nicole Kidman, Brad Pitt, Kirsten Stewart, Matthew McConaughey, Bill Murray and more have new movies to promote but they don’t all have hits on their hands. Here are the most intriguing films in and out of competition at Cannes that everyone should keep an eye on.

This film is getting rave reviews for it's touching portrayal of a man in his eighties who is losing his wife to the after effects of a stroke. 'Amour' premiered Sunday and critics are already saying Haneke could get his second Palme d'Or (he won it previously in 2006 for 'The White Ribbon.')

Marion Cotillard heads this French film about two people with different disabilities (one physical, one emotional) who try to connect with each other. The actress is said to be a powerhouse and the director has already had great success with his 2009 film 'A Prophet.'

Two young lovers run away in 1960s and a mob of people chase after them from a Boy Scout leader (Edward Norton) to the local sheriff (Bruce Willis) to their parents (Francis McDormand, Bill Murray and more). The movie has classic Wes Anderson all over it and could be the next cult darling in the vein of 'The Royal Tenenbaums.'

Brad Pitt reunites with his 'Jesse James' director for this crime thriller about a mob hitman who investigates what happened when a mob-protected poker game is robbed. Pitt's performance is being called 'menacingly good' and that it's his best work to date.

The movie also boasts an excellent supporting cast including Richard Jenkins ('Burn After Reading,' 'Step Brothers'), Ray Liotta ('Goodfellas') and James Gandolfini ('The Sopranos'). Here's a non-Brad Pitt, NSFW scene.

'Twilight' star Robert Pattinson plays a young millionaire trader on an 'Odyssey'-like trek across Manhattan as he attempts to get a haircut. On the way, he deals with a grisly riot, dinosaurs and becomes an assassination target after betting against the Yen. The movie is sure to be as twisted and gruesome as most of Cronenberg's other films, and hopefully it'll be just as good.

Speaking of David Cronenberg, the director's son also has a film premiering at Cannes. However, the movie is not in the competition portion of the festival. 'Antiviral' is about a future where people can buy their favourite celebrity's diseases and purchase other disgusting things that can get them closer to the stars they love.

One young man ('Friday Night Lights' actor Caleb Landry Jones) attempts to smuggle these celeb diseases out of labs and sell them online but he accidentally injects himself with a disease that has killed one of the celebrities. Gross, but also extremely intriguing.

The 'Precious' director is debuting this new film about a reporter who returns to his hometown in Florida to investigate a case with his brother that involves an exonerated death row inmate. 'The Paperboy' stars Matthew McConaughey, Zac Efron, Nicole Kidman and John Cusack. Considering how good 'Precious' turned out to be, 'The Paperboy' is high on the anticipation scale. Here's a clip from the film.

Acclaimed director Walter Salles attempts to take on a famous novel by Jack Kerouac with Kristen Stewart, 'Tron' star Garrett Hedlund and British actor Sam Riley. The story follows a struggling young writer who takes a road trip across the country with his best friend who happens to be the epitome of the beatnik generation.

This out-of-competition film normally would not be on our radar, but mega-producer Harvey Weinstein just proclaimed the movie as the next 'The Artist.' Considering 'The Artist' won best picture at the Oscars recently, we think it's a good idea to keep close watch on the movie. 'The Sapphires' follows a singing group of young Australian aboriginal girls in 1968 who perform for the troops during the Vietnam War.

Another film from another past Palme d'Or winner. Ken Loach brings us a redemption story about a man looking to turn his life around, so he gets into the whiskey-making and stealing business.

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