Here Are The $3 Million Cars Leonardo DiCaprio Will Drive In "The Great Gatsby"


There’s no word yet on the official budget of Baz Luhrmann‘s “The Great Gatsby,” but now we know it’ll include a pretty ridiculous car allowance.

Producers on the film, which stars Leonardo DiCaprio, bought two insanely expensive vintage cars for the film: a 1929 Duesenberg and a 1929 Packard.

The cars, which are worth up to $3 million each, were purchased from an auto museum in Illinois.

Of course, they could have saved a little cash on the Duesenberg by hitting up Jay Leno for a favour — he owns one.

The sleek 1929 Duesenberg wasn't out yet when Gatsby was set -- minor detail.

Jay Leno's has an exposed chassis.

The days of hardwood flooring inside your car are long gone.

Seats two and a spare tire on the side.

You're not paying for horsepower. You're paying for this grill.

DiCaprio's looks cannot compete with this: the 1929 Packard.

The Packard's signature winged-woman hood ornament.

The Packard's sleek headlights and perforated grill.

And its seriously throwback dash.

Now check out a town where you could actually pull off driving one of these.

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