'The Candyman' Instagrammer is the Dan Bilzerian of Australia -- and he's getting his own reality show

Candyman travers beynonInstagram/Travers BeynonBeynon’s feed is full of shots like this.

It looks like courting controversy has worked out for Travers Beynon, the wealthy playboy who’s Australia’s answer to “King of Instagram” Dan Bilzerian.

“The Candyman,” as Beynon’s known, confirmed today that he’s filming a reality show.

Frequently accused of disrespecting women, Beynon has worked as a model and an AFL player in the past. He’s also an heir to an Australian tobacco fortune.

But he’s most famous for his notorious Instagram feed, where he posts photos of parties at his “Candyshop Mansion” as well as models in bikinis. He’s accumulated 362,000 followers on the platform.

You might remember him from the time he “walked” his wife and her friend, pretending their bikini straps were leashes. Even Bilzerian himself questioned that stunt.

Both the Daily Mail and a German news site called Bild have the details on Beynon’s reality show.

Currently, not much is known, but the show’s working title is “The Candyman Can.” It’s expected to shoot throughout Europe and in Australia.

We’ve reached out to Beynon’s camp for more details but have yet to hear back. Keep reading for more details on Beynon’s ridiculous life.

Travers Beynon is the heir to an Australian tobacco fortune. He calls his six-bedroom home the 'Candyshop Mansion' and calls women like the ones in this photo his 'Candyshop Goddesses.'

His wife Taesha, pictured on the left, reportedly doesn't mind the company.

In addition to playing in the Australian Football League, he modelled in his younger days.

His mansion is reportedly worth $3.8 million. His parents made their money on FreeChoice tobacco, which has 200 stores in Australia. He also works in the family business.

His wife Taesha's grandparents often speak to the Australian media about how concerned they are for her. Taesha and Beynon have two young children who've never met their mum's grandparents. Here's the family with Beynon's mother, as well as his two kids from a prior marriage.

Beynon seems to live the fantasy life of any teenage boy.

He spends his days by the pool with his model companions.

Beynon's ascent to Instagram infamy began last year when a feud developed between him and Dan Bilzerian, the 'King of Instagram' in LA.

Beynon had posted a photo of himself 'walking' his wife and her friend, using their bikini straps as makeshift leashes. It's since been deleted. This photo was posted shortly after.

'I don't know this guy personally and I'm not usually one to judge without knowing, but I will say I don't think you should have a wife and children living in a house with naked girls and partying,' Bilzerian, who has his own insane Instagram feed, said.

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