The Taiwanese Animators Pretty Much Nailed The Candy Crush IPO

Yesterday, the maker of the addictive mobile game Candy Crush, filed to do an IPO.

The company is absolutely printing money, and its growth over the last year was absolutely insane. But everyone knows that things could easily turn, and the money could all evaporate, especially since the company hasn’t been able to replicate its mega hit, which makes money by having users pay for more lives and more levels.

The Taiwanese Animators actually dia a fantastic job explaining what’s going on.

Basically, Candy Crush is like a drug dealer, offering an addictive product. Here’s Candy Crush assembling its “drugs.”

The company starts by offering its product for free.

Meanwhile, the junkies on the street are lining up for their next hit. Which they have to pay for.

But everyone knows that unless the company can come up with another hit, the company’s fortunes could be in trouble.

Watch the whole video.

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