Scientists Have Successfully Cured Prostate Cancer In Mice

imageA photomicrograph of prostate cells that have been cured

A cure for cancer was once a pipe dream, but a working vaccine for humans may finally be on the horizon.A human vaccine has successfully been used to cure prostate cancer in mice, according to a report published in the journal Nature Medicine (via Science Daily).

Researchers from the Mayo Clinic and the UK assembled DNA libraries which included some healthy prostate DNA, put them in virus shells and injected them into the mice.

It cured the mice of the prostate cancer with no apparent side effects. How?

The treatment tricks the immune system into creating the specific antibodies needed to fight the particular type of cancer.  Using this sort of treatment, tumors can potentially be eliminated without the aid of dangerous radiation treatments (like chemotherapy) that have heavy side effects.

What’s next?  The researchers have to find out whether or not it works in humans, but clinical trials won’t be able to begin for another two years.

Read all the details about the experiment at ScienceDaily >

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