Canberra’s Skywhale Balloon Makes A Belly Flop Ahead Of Annual Balloon Spectacular

Getty/ Stefan Postles

It’s not every day a hot air balloon comes crashing into your backyard, let alone one that looks like a giant whale-like creature with voluptuous udders sprouting from its sides.

This morning, the controversial “Skywhale” balloon, commissioned from artist Patricia Piccinini by the ACT government last year to make its centenary, made an impromptu landing in the suburb of Florey, crashing through a residents back fence of her home north west of Canberra.

The balloon was making its way to Canberra ahead of the annual Balloon Spectacular, starting today.

Dozens of them took to Canberra’s skies this morning, launching from the lawns of Old Parliament House. The festival continues until March 16.

Here are some photos from this morning’s launch.

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