Canberra Looks Set To Pass Its Gay Marriage Bill Today

Photo: Getty

Canberra’s Legislative Assembly is expected to pass a Bill today which would allow same-sex couples to get married in Australia’s capital.

If the Bill passes, same-sex couples could get married in Canberra as early as December this year.

While it is expected to be passed today, the Federal Government has foreshadowed a High Court challenge.

Earlier, The ABC reported that Attorney General George Brandis had written to ACT chief minister Katy Gallagher, asking her to hold off enacting the laws until the challenge was decided on.

“We politely refused and said we would be commencing them and we’d see him in court,” she said.

While the definition of marriage is something decided by Federal legislation, the ACT believes that since the Marriage Act is is for straight couples, passing a law which allows same-sex couples to wed would not be infringing on the Federal rules.

a report in the Canberra Times says the bill was amended at the last minute to try and prevent is being overruled by the High Court.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s sister — who is in a same-sex relationship — yesterday said she was engaged to her long-time partner.

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