Australia's national capital has a serious kangaroo problem

iStockGrey kangaroos seen on a suburban Canberra street.

While overseas tourists often come to Australia hoping to see kangaroos hopping down a city’s main street, only to be disappointed, their wish can come true if they visit the national capital.

Canberra has a serious roo problem.

While the territory has always had a large population of the marsupials — the exact number is not known but it’s thought to be tens of thousands — the ongoing drought has seen more of them move into the city looking for grass to graze on around football fields and in backyards.

Facebook user Matt Bailey recently caught this invasion on camera from Deakin University.

It shows a mob of 20 or so roos jumping down a street filled with parked cars.

It could easily be mistaken as a disaster movie where animals are left to take over the abandoned cities.

The video was posted after one of the territories largest ever annual kangaroo culls in which more than 3,200 animals were killed between May and June in a bid to protect several threatened ecological communities throughout the territory.

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