Canada Investigates Bizarre Video Of Soldier Dressed As Bin Laden's Brother

In the video below, a Canadian soldier is supposed to be dressed as bin Laden’s brother (but looks decidedly more like a tan Santa Claus). The video was apparently shown at a military “mess dinner.”

The Canadian military received a complaint, and launched an investigation, reports the Associated Press.

“Religious and cultural tolerance are important and necessary components of any national and professional institution, including the Canadian Forces, and I know the contents of this video do not represent the wider military community and its leadership,” defence Minister Peter MacKay¬†told the AP.

Canadian soldiers are far from the first to film a strange video. There have been a number of strange videos shot or shown in a US military setting that have come under scrutiny, for good or ill.

There were the Marines with the urinating on corpses and puppy throwing. The Navy had an all-hands video shown on a ship that appeared ‘raunchy’ and sexist. Then there was the markedly less offensive Marine rendition of “Call Me Maybe.”

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