Canadian Cops Arrested 2 Motorcyclists After Finding Video Proof Of Their Wild Driving [VIDEO]

Two Canadian motorcyclists were fined more than $US10,000 each and face charges for dangerous driving after police pulled them over and found video showing them committing dozens of infractions.

According to the police report, a motorist called to report dangerous passing by the Ottawa bikers, and gave “a very good description of the motorcycles and individuals.”

After police officers pulled them over on Saturday afternoon (“almost in front of the police station”), they saw one motorcyclist trying to hide a video camera, which they seized.

They arrested the two men, one aged 29, the other 26.

The content on the camera revealed “several dozen infractions committed on the same day, and also on our territory,” according to the report. It also noted that the motorcyclists asked for leniency, saying they needed their licenses for work.

No luck on that count. The 29-year-old was issued 21 infractions, for 113 demerit points. He was fined $US10,968 CAD (USD $US10,574).

The 26-year-old also got 21 infractions, for 116 demerit points. His fine came out to a whopping $US11,268 CAD (USD $US10,863).

Under Quebec province law, they will each have their licence revoked for 12 months, after which they will need to get a new licence.

The lesson: If you’re going to break the law, don’t film it.

The police released some of the video, showing the bikers speeding and passing. Via CBC News:


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