The wife of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tested positive for the coronavirus


Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, the wife of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, tested positive for the novel coronavirus on Thursday, The New York Times reported.

The prime minister went under self-isolation after his wife started showing symptoms Wednesday after a speaking event in the UK.

“Although I’m experiencing uncomfortable symptoms from the virus, I will be back on my feet soon,” Grégoire Trudeau said in a statement. “Being in quarantine at home is nothing compared to other Canadian families who might be going through this and for those facing more serious health concerns.”

“We will get through this situation together,” she added. “Please share the facts and take your health seriously. I send you all my courage and warm thoughts (but only ‘get better’ hugs from afar!).”^tfw

In a statement to Insider, the prime minister’s office said health professionals would reach out to those she came in contact with “as they deem necessary.”

The prime minister’s office also said Trudeau was in good health with no symptoms and would be in isolation for 14 days. He will not be tested for the coronavirus since he is not displaying any symptoms.

“We recognise people are anxious, which is why we will work nonstop to ensure their safety and well-being,” the statement concluded. “Since the beginning of the outbreak, all our decisions have been based on the best advice and evidence from our public-health experts – that is how we will reduce the risk to Canadians.”^tfw

“Having recently returned from a speaking engagement in London, UK, the prime minister’s wife, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, began exhibiting mild flu-like symptoms including a low fever late last night,” the prime minister’s office said prior to her diagnosis, according to Reuters.

“She immediately sought medical advice, and is being tested for the COVID-19 virus. She is self-isolating at home awaiting test results, and her symptoms have since subsided.”

As of Thursday, Canada had 117 confirmed coronavirus cases including one death. The coronavirus has infected more than 128,000 people worldwide, and the death toll has surpassed 4,700.