This video shows an alleged hacker taking over somebody's computer and freaking them out

Valerie GignacYouTubeA screenshot from Valérie Gignac’s YouTube account

When trolling and hacking combine the results are not pretty.

We now know more about an alleged hacker who was arrested in Canada today. And the videos associated with what police say are her accounts show what some people do to get a rise out of others.

Earlier this morning the Royal Canadian Mounted Police arrested a 27-year-old woman who was accused of hacking into strangers’ computers and gaining remote access. Police have told Business Insider that her name is Valérie Gignac. She lives in the Quebec municipality known as Saint-Alphonse-de-Rodriguez.

Gignac appears to be an active part of numerous hacking forums. She goes by many online aliases, the most popular ones being QUEEN, QUEEN SH0CKA, and UNSEENz, police say.

Based on what police say were Gignac’s accounts, Business Insider found one of her videos online where she records her voice to get the attention of a hacked computer owner.

The video shows a window in Gignac’s computer streaming footage of a woman with what appears to be her family. The hacker beckons the woman, recording and playing phrases like “look behind you,” which gets her attention. Gignac then uploads an audio file of a loud scream, which is met by frightened faces on the receiving end.

It appears that Gignac uploaded a great deal of these videos for some time, but ultimately stopped after having too many taken down by YouTube moderators.

Here’s one of the videos, note that there are some obscenities typed during it:

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