Canadian Police Found What Could Be The Head Of The Canadian Cannibal's Victim

MagnottaAlleged Canadian Cannibal Luka Magnotta

Photo: Facebook

Police reportedly found what they believe to be a dismembered head in a Montreal park.The discovery has led to speculation that police have found the missing head of Jun Lin, who was reportedly dismembered and eaten by his lover Luka Magnotta.

Montreal police were led to Park Angrignon on Sunday after receiving a tip, the Associated Press reported Sunday.

However, police must still run tests to confirm whether the object is actually a head and whether it belongs to Lin.

Magnotta was accused of dismembering Lin in May and sending his body parts to Canadian political parties.

Police found a suitcase with Lin’s remains near Magnotta’s apartment.

Magnotta also reportedly posted a video on the internet of him having sex with a dismembered corpse.

He was later captured at an internet cafe reading about himself. He ultimately pleaded not guilty to chopping up Lin.

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