Disastrous Shot From A Swedish Curler Hands The Gold Medal To Canada

The underdog Swedish curling team held its own against Canada in the gold medal match, and was in prime position to pull the upset until the final shot in the 9th end.

Canada was up 4-3, but Sweden had the last shot in the second-to-last end (the hammer).

The team that throws last is always supposed to score in curling.

Here’s what it looked like before the shot. Canada’s stones are yellow, Sweden’s are red:

At the very least, the Swedish thrower had knock out one of the Canada’s two yellow stones. With a perfect shot, she could tied it up at 4-4 going into the final end.

But she got incredibly unlucky. The shot came in and knocked the red Swedish stone out of the second position, leaving the two Canadian stones closest to the button for the two-point steal:

It made it 6-3 Canada going into the 10th end, an insurmountable lead. The two closest stones:

The thrower was devastated:

Canada closed it out in the 10th end to win gold (via @CBCOlympics):

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