Canada Offers Cash To Electric Car Buyers


A profile of the Australian town that banned bottled water. [NYT]

A business specializing in painting roofs white can’t get stimulus funds. [Infrastructurist]

Convert the soon to be abandoned NUMMI plant to a Tesla Model S plant. [Examiner]

The UK’s short term emission goals are easy, the long term is tough. [FT]

A profile of Henrik Fisker. [Car and Driver]

The top 10 suppliers of PV manufacturing equipment. [Gunther Portfolio]

Ontario offers a subsidy worth $3,600 to $8,900 for an electric starting next July. [Green Inc.]

GE’s profit probably fell 50% year over year. [Bloomberg]

US drilling keeps on falling. [Energy Source]

GCL-Poly plans on increasing its polysilicon output by 4X. [Bloomberg]

Solar companies aren’t talking about 1GW plants anymore. [Earth2Tech]

Whatever the costs of carbon capture, it’s worth it, says Steven Chu. [Reuters]

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