Canada adds a bunch of part-time jobs

Canada added more jobs than expected in June, although most were part-time positions.

Canada’s economy added 45,300 jobs last month, according to Statistics Canada. Economists were expecting an uptick of 10,000.

Breaking that down, 37,100 of the jobs added were in part-time roles, while 8,100 were full-time.

Employment rose among women aged 55 and up, and ticked up for core-aged women, but was little changed for other demographic groups.

The unemployment rate unexpectedly dipped to 6.5% from the prior month’s reading of 6.6%.

Last month, Canada’s jobs report crushed it. Full-time employment surged by 77,000 and part-time employment dropped by 22,300.

Employment for those aged 15 to 24 jumped by 28,000, marking the first significant increase in jobs for young people since October 2016. Jobs for men aged 25 to 54 rose by 25,000.

The Canadian dollar jumped by 0.6% at 1.2910 per US dollar after the report crossed after being little changed earlier in the day.