Canada's Millionaire Hockey Players Will Sleep In These Tiny Beds In Sochi

Some of the richest, most famous athletes at the Sochi Olympics are on Canada’s hockey team.

But guys like Sidney Crosby (who makes $US16.5 million per year) won’t get preferential treatment when it comes to accommodations in the Olympic Village. Stephen Whyno of The Canadian Press toured the team’s rooms this morning, and found that they’re exactly like the rooms normal athletes are staying in.

There’s a small twin bed, a nightstand, and little else. Most rooms we’ve seen are doubles, but this one is a triple.

Like summer camp:

It wouldn’t be that surprising if the team opted to stay outside the Olympic Village. The U.S. Olympic basketball team always stays in a luxury hotel, at a large expense, for example.

But the Canadian hockey team has always stayed in the Village, even in 2010 when the games were in Vancouver, and they aren’t stopping now.

Canadian players and officials raved about staying in the Village before the 2010 Olympics. They say it helps them decompress and gives them a sense that they’re really participating in the games. The president of Hockey Canada told the Canadian Press in 2010:

“Hey, maybe (a hockey player) can say something that’ll help a luge athlete to win and vice versa. There’s a lot of people that are surprised that the men’s team stays in the village. But no, they want to stay there and they want to be just like the other Canadian Olympians.”

Still, the room looks a bit tight.

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