Is Happiness Just An iPhone Away?

iPhone Happy

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Noted happiness researcher and author of The How of Happiness, Sonja Lyubomirsky, has created an iPhone app to help you widen that smile.It leverages iPhone features to assist users in engaging a number of happiness-boosting principles I’ve posted about in the past. I’ll describe the app’s five functions and link to more information on the techniques employed:

  • “Thank”: This encourages users to keep a gratitude journal and to email others to express gratitude.
  • “Optimism”: Here users have a place to envision their best possible self, another proven method for increasing happiness.
  • “savour”:  This uses the iPhone’s camera to take pictures of great moments and reminds users to occasionally go back and savour those times.
  • “Social”: Offering help to others and reconnecting with old friends both bring happiness.
  • “Strive”: This feature offers an area where users can set goals for themselves.

All of these techniques have been scientifically validated and are worth your time.

iPhone users can get the app or anyone can try to incorporate these idea into their life with something as simple as pen and paper.

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