'Can you watch Hulu on a Nintendo Switch?': Yes, you can — here's how to set up the Switch's Hulu app

Steven John/Business InsiderTo watch Hulu on your Nintendo Switch, you’ll need the Hulu app.

Hulu is a popular streaming service, and has several different plans to let you watch nearly any TV show you want. This includes new shows like “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” and classics like “The Simpsons.” You can also add premium channels like HBO and Showtime to a Hulu subscription.

You can watch Hulu right from your Nintendo Switch. And that means you can enjoy shows on the Switch as a handheld console, or you can stream it to your television by placing the Switch in its dock.

All you need to start watching Hulu shows is a Hulu account (or a seven-day free trial) and about three minutes to get the Hulu app on your Switch.

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How to watch Hulu on a Nintendo Switch

1. Open to the Nintendo eShop via the Switch homescreen toolbar, below your games and apps. Its icon looks like an orange shopping bag.

2. Log into your account if needed, then search for Hulu using the search menu at the top of the left sidebar.

Steven John/Business InsiderThe Hulu app is free to download, but unlocking the content requires a subscription.

3. Download the free Hulu app, which should take less than a minute to do.

4. From the Switch home screen, launch the app, then either enter your account information, create a new account, or start your free trial.

Steven John/Business InsiderHulu has thousands of shows and movies in its library, so you won’t run out of content.

Just note that if you’re signing up for a free trial, like most free trials, you’ll need to give your payment information, and remember to cancel before the free week-long period (in this case) is up, or else you’ll automatically become a paying customer.

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