Can You Spot These Disastrous Photoshop FAILS?

ralph lauren

It seems like every other week a new Photoshop ad disaster hits the blogosphere.

Sometimes the controversy lies in big-picture issues, like, is it ethical to remove all signs of life from an ageing actress’ face or digitally delete a model’s rib cage?

Other times the problem is far more subtle. Like, some art director chopping off a model’s hand or adding a second butt where her thighs should be.

There are epic Photoshop fails out there. Can you spot the disasters?

Whatever is wrong with this picture?

Oh, the second derriere.

What wrong with this Target Australia coupon?

He's got three hands.

What's wrong with this photo of the Vera Wang Collection at David's Bridal?

The model's head is bigger than her waist. The problem is solved in the photo of the model from behind. (Although she appears to be wearing a different dress).

What's wrong with the SimplyBe photo?

The hands! The hands!

What happened to Kate Moss' daughter?

Some fingers were lost in an unfortunate encounter with a hasty photoshopper.

Can you spot what's wrong with this ad for Suave?

Her leg is attached to her belly button.

What's wrong with the Glamour cover with Kristen Stewart?

She lost an arm.

What's wrong with the photo on the H&M website?

She has no face! (Not to mention that there's something funky going on with her left leg.)

What's wrong with the Victoria's Secret catalogue shot?

The hip bone's connected to the ... well ... nothing.

What's the Photoshop fail?

He'll NEVER let go.

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