Can You Identify These 12 Brands By Their Trademarked colours Alone?


colour is extremely important in branding. When someone looks at a logo, the colour is the foremost thing that they remember. In fact, according to ColorMatters, 80 per cent of visual information that we take in is related to colour.

Many brands have sets of colours trademarked for protection against other brands in the same market. For instance, Coca-Cola has its iconic red and white scheme protected. Lots of others have single shades of colour trademarked.

These brands try to associate themselves with their colour at a fundamental level. To achieve that sort of recognition, brands have to peg their signature colour to nearly everything—marketing, packaging, uniforms, store decor and more.

So when you hear one of these brands’ names, it should be easy to think of its colour. But what about the other way around? If you see one of these signature shades without the brand context, do you think of the brand that trademarked it? That’s a level every marketer aspires to.

We’ve decided to put them to the test.

If you need a hint, highlight the black box below for the brand's industry. The answer is on the next slide

Hint: Shipping

Hint: Telecommunications

T-Mobile's magenta has been registered with the company since 2000, and is featured prominently in its stores and advertising

Hint: Machinery

John Deere's green-painted machines are instantly recognisable when you see them. Its full green and yellow colour scheme is also trademarked

Hint: Office supplies

Post-It's shade of canary yellow is trademarked by 3M. It had a spat with Microsoft back in 1997 over its notes software, which put movable yellow notes on your desktop

Hint: Retail

Target blankets its branding in its bright shade of red. It's all over its stores, logo, and advertising

Hint: Machinery

Caterpillar's shade of yellow is featured in the triangle on its logo. The shade of its construction equipment is often seriously faded due to the nature of their work

Hint: Retail

Home Depot's orange is trademarked, and it uses the colour everywhere from its employees' aprons to the brand's logo

Hint: Luxury

Tiffany's robins egg blue colour is iconic, and is trademarked in the US and elsewhere

Hint: Snack food

Cadbury managed to trademark the shade of purple it uses on its logo and packaging, but only after a lengthy fight with Nestle

Hint: Home supplies

Owens Corning has its shade of pink trademarked and integrated it into its advertising by using the Pink Panther as a mascot

Hint: Pharmaceuticals

AstraZeneca's heartburn relief drug Nexium is marketed as the 'purple pill,' so naturally, the shade used on the pill is protected

Hint: Beverage

Champagne house Veuve Clicquot's products give you a heavy dose of its trademark yellow shade

Now check out some interesting logos

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