Can You Find The Horrible Photoshop FAILS?

photoshop failCan you spot the Photoshop fail?

From missing limbs to extra hands, the internet is never in short supply of truly horrendous Photoshop advertising disasters.There are many kinds of Photoshop controversies: Recently, adolescent girls have been protesting teen magazines’ use of Photoshop to create unrealistic images of “perfection.”

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But then there are the rudimentary, technical issues—like an art director extending an arm by and extra foot or two.

Here are some of Photoshop’s recent epic fails.

What's wrong with this picture? (From Vogue)

It appears as if one of the model's legs has disintegrated in the sun.

This art director shouldn't be expecting gold medals any time soon. (There's an extra, floating hand).

What's wrong with this image from Anne Taylor Loft's website?

That's not what thumbs do.

What's wrong with this image?

Again with the no leg thing!

What's wrong with this image?

1) It appears that they can walk on water, 2) The reflections are taking on a life of their own

What's wrong with this picture from June's Marie Claire?

She doesn't have an arm! (Fingers are still good, though).

What's wrong with this image?

It looks like he has Inspector Gadget-style extend-able arms.

What's wrong with this image?

That's a strange way to misplace a finger.

What's wrong with this promotional picture for Torchwood?

The hands!

What's wrong with this picture?

The hip bone's connected to the ... well ... nothing.

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