Can You Fill Out A Tournament Bracket Better Than A Two-Year-Old?

I’m a big believer in filling out one bracket and sticking with it even if it is entered in several places. After all, if you fill out 15 different brackets and one wins, well, dog-sun-butt. Of course, the problem is, I always end up getting my butt kicked by somebody in the office that has never even heard of Gonzaga.

But to have a little fun this year, I wanted to test my theory that the less you know, the better you do. So I had my 2-year old daughter fill out a bracket for me.

A few things to point out…

  • Since we were dealing with a creature with the attention span of a spider monkey with ADD, and this was a time-sensitive project, I eliminated every team seeded 11th or lower in the first round.
  • For each game, I showed her a picture of the team’s mascot and told her what it was and if it had a name. For teams without mascots, I just showed her the school’s logo (these teams didn’t do well).
  • This project was not without bias. mum went to Duke, and most of dad’s family went to the University of Florida. So while I did not urge her in any direction, she already knew those mascots and is a big fan of both. She’s lucky mum didn’t go to UNC-Asheville.
  • Cats, dogs, and elephants are very appealing to a 2-year old.
  • She’s going to have a problem if it comes down to the tie-breaker.

Here’s her entire bracket, and really, it’s not that bad. Think you can beat it?


Photo: ESPN

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