Are The Chicago Bulls Still A Contender Without Derrick Rose?

Derrick Rose

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The Bulls dismantled the New York Knicks last night. But what was more impressive, is that they once again played well without their reigning MVP, Derrick Rose.Despite Rose missing 23 games this season, the Bulls still have the best record in the NBA (44-14) and are outscoring their opponents by an NBA-best 7.9 points per game.

But how good are the Bulls when Rose doesn’t play?

In 35 games with Rose, the Bulls are 28-7 (.800 win%) and outscore their opponents by 8.8 points per game.

Without Rose, the Bulls are just 16-7 (.696 win%). But more importantly, the Bulls are still outscoring their opponents by 6.7 points per game.

While those numbers are indeed a step back, that point differential (6.7) would still be tied with the Miami Heat for the best mark in the NBA.

So while the Bulls are clearly less of a team without Rose, amazingly, they might still be the NBA’s best.

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