Can 'Star Trek' Finish Brad Grey's Paramount Mission

When Brad Grey was put in charge of Paramount Pictures, Hollywood expected big things.

What’s happened so far is that the studio has released a raft of big-budget films that Hollywood insiders criticise as more focused on box office take than on profit margins. And many of its hits have been properties of other outfits, such as Marvel’s Iron Man.

This summer, though, the studio has Star Trek, The Transformers, and G.I. Joe hitting theatres and it must prove that it can develop its own franchises.

(Here’s how each studio is shaping up this summer)

Sharon Waxman, writing on TheWrap, says it’s an important summer for Grey and his troops in the wake of some high-profile problems.

Buffeted by a tortured relationship with an unwilling dance partner in DreamWorks, fighting a hostile industry rumour mill and shadowed by an endless court case with disgraced Hollywood detective Anthony Pellicano, the studio finally faces the summer of 2009 on calmer, and more stable ground.
“Star Trek,” the first of two summer tentpoles rolling out on Friday, gives Paramount the chance to relaunch a classic franchise that could produce steady blockbuster spinoffs for years to come.

Grey, meantime, told Waxman that the studio has completed a “reboot” in which it had to spend more money to get better projects in the pipeline.



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