Can Credit Profiles Predict Which Way Your State Will Swing? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Wonks love to speculate on what factors could make or break the 2012 election, especially in those eight all-important swing states. 

If we peered into a crystal ball, could we predict our voting habits based on spending preferences or even our credit profiles? 

Credit Sesame decided to find out by pulling historical data from the past four elections culled by the Federal Register, New York Times’ and USA Today/Gallup’s list.

After examining median scores in blue and red states across four categories—median credit score, debt-to-income, mortgage and credit usage—the site then compared them to 12 battleground states: Nevada, New Mexico, Wisconsin, Michigan, Colorado, Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Iowa, Virginia, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania. 

What they found was surprising: You can’t tell which way a state will swing after all. 

Check out the infographic to see for yourself: 

Swing State Debt Infographic Provided by