Can America Resolve its Major Problems?

Here is a list of major problems in America that we need to solve.

  1. Excessive private debt issues, which is very slowly being solved by paying off a little bit at a time. But note: very slowly.
  2. Increasing high school drop outs due to lack of job encouragement in the economy, meanwhile real inflation (not those governmental numbers) remains high.
  3. Decaying infrastructure.
  4. Excessive public debt that will not be solved in the foreseeable future.
  5. Unfunded tax cuts, unfunded pension liabilities, unfunded Medicare. In other words, the government is going broke.
  6. Increasing gap between the rich and the poor. Social instability.
  7. Embracement of wishful thinking “this time is different, the fed will solve our problems, etc.”
  8. An idiot class of politicians.