Can A 25-Year-Old Really Compete With Seasoned Venture Capitalists?




“It takes a while to get from entry level to becoming someone who is a very experienced and influential investor,” says well-respected venture capitalist Fred Wilson. “It took me 25 years.”

Joshua Kushner, founder of Thrive Capital, is trying to do it in half the time.  He is only 25, but he’s already a co-founder turned Venture Capitalist with one exit (Hot Potato to Facebook) under his belt.

Is his work being taken seriously by the community? “I feel like being involved as an entrepreneur and a VC, people respect my age,” he says.

At the very least, he’s learning a lot from his investments. “It goes both ways, because some of the people that I’ve invested in have helped me think about some of the things that I’m focusing on in a much different way.”

Here’s how Kushner is making his investment decisions, and what he’s bringing to the new york tech scene.

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