British Reality Show Partied At Syracuse University To Find Out Why College In America Is So Fun

The cast and crew of an upcoming British reality TV show just spent a week partying at Syracuse University as the first stop on their tour of America’s biggest party schools.

The Syracuse stop marks the first instalment of “Campus Crashers,” which will follow six Brits — three men and three women — as they attempt to understand what college life is like across the Atlantic. “There’s no better way possible to experience [college parties] than to hit the top 10 party schools in the nation,” producer Joe Madigan told Syracuse student publication Newshouse.

Madigan said that he was inspired to create the show after watching the movie “American Pie.” As a kick off to their American collegiate life immersion, the show took over a popular Syracuse student bar, Chuck’s Cafe, and toured some local craft breweries.

By their last night in Syracuse, though, it seems the reality show cast was more interested in creating their own version of party school life. According to Newshouse, the show transformed a “typically unassuming, late-night dive-bar ambiance into an electric Euro discotheque. Instead of pop hits like ‘Wrecking Ball’ or ‘Timber’ filling the air, students were greeted by loud, rhythmic house music courtesy of cast member, DJ Esplin.”

Over the new few months, the cast and crew of “Campus Crashers” will continue a college tour that will take them to Penn State, University of California, Santa Barbara, and University of Texas at Austin, among several other schools. Producers say “Campus Crashers” should be out by the end of 2014.

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