Campbell Newman Says Clive Palmer Has To Stop Trying To 'Fob Off Journalists'

Queensland premier Campbell Newman had taken a bit of a shot at Prime Ministerial-hopeful Clive Palmer, whose mining businesses in the state have been the subject of several newspaper reports.

According to The Australian, Palmer linked the leak of the legal letter in which he reportedly warned the Chinese company CITIC Pacific that he required about $200 million in cash urgently or more than 1000 Australian families would be affected by job losses, to a alleged break in at his Brisbane office spoken about yesterday on ABC Radio.

Photo: Getty/Bradley Kanaris

“He’s trying to fob off journalists as he did when he was purely a businessman,” Newman said, according to The Australian.

According to The Australian Palmer responded to a text message seeking comment like this:

Not interested in fantasy from a 4th class jurno (sic) that we will be suing

“He cannot do that at the moment. He seeks public office – he’s got a team of people he says are an alternative,” Newman said.

Newman also said Palmer — who according to the newspaper has launched the legal proceedings against the journalist who wrote the reports — did not face any more scrutiny from the press than he had when he was campaigning for Queensland’s highest office.

“He can’t be rude to journalists who are asking the same sort of questions they’ve asked me through my political career,” Newman said in The Australian’s article.

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