Campbell Brown's Greatest Hits

Campbell Brown


This morning we chimed in on the big news that Campbell Brown is leaving CNN because not enough people watch her show.So far this year, according to Nielsen data, Brown, who joined CNN in 2007, has averaged 571,000 viewers in her 8 p.m. time slot, down from 927,000 in 2009. Compare that with 8 p.m. competitors Keith Olbermann (1 million) and Bill O’Reilly (3.34 million).

But Brown’s had her moments, both at CNN and elsewhere. And we’ve compiled some of them here.

Click through for eight of Campbell Brown’s greatest hits >>

Brown had a bit of a Cronkite moment (around 7:40) when some difficult coverage of the earthquake in Haiti brought her to tears on the air.

And here she is ripping both McCain and Palin over their eBay/private jet gaffe.

A teary farewell to NBC News.

Brown weighs in on the White House-Fox News war.

Here's some vintage Campbell Brown yucking it up with Jay Leno when she went on his show in March 2007.

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