David Cameron is going to warn everyone that the Calais jungle will come to England if there's a Brexit

Prime Minister David Cameron is going to try and convince the British public that if they vote for Britain to leave the EU, the infamous refugee camp in Calais known as the “Jungle” will move from France to England.

The Telegraph claim they have spoken to a “senior source” who has told them that Cameron is planning to say in an upcoming speech, that if Britain leaves the EU “the Jungle camp in Calais will move to Folkestone.”

The Jungle refugee camp is home to an estimated 5,000 people whose goal is to reach the UK and apply for asylum there.

Under something called the Le Touquet treaty between the UK and France, the British are allowed to have border controls in France rather than in the UK. According to the Telegraph source, Cameron is going to claim that France will stop this from happening and basically make it much easier for migrants to hide in Lorries that are heading to England.

According to the Telegraph, Cameron will make the speech alongside the Home Secretary Theresa May and as well as warning about the Jungle, will focus on issues of national security. This would be a really big deal for two reasons.

Firstly, until recently many people thought that May might back the leave campaign and second, this would be the first time Cameron has really focused on the claim that staying in the EU will help keep Britain’s borders safe.

Until now, the focus of Cameron’s claim, that Britain should stay in the EU if his proposed renegotiation deal with the EU is agreed, has been on the purported economic benefits for Britain.

The same source who leaked the details of the speech to the Telegraph, claims that Cameron is now going to give equal attention to the issue of security.

As well as claiming that France would kick out UK Border Agency staff, he will reportedly say that without the European Arrest Warrant, a warrant that allows people wanted for “significant crime” to be extradited between EU countries, the UK will be more vulnerable to ISIS.

The migration crisis is one of the reasons that is making people more likely to vote for a Brexit. By focusing on security in general and specifically on keeping control of Britain’s borders, Cameron will be hoping to claim the issue of migration for himself and weaken the arguments of the leave campaign. It could be a risky strategy though, as it will leave him open to accusations that he is trying to scare the British public.

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