Cameron Promises More Powers To Scotland In Bid To Stop UK Falling Apart

Photo: Getty Images/WPA Pool

In a desperate attempt to ensure that Scotland does not leave the United Kingdom, Prime Minister David Cameron has said that he will consider offering Scotland more powers if its people vote against the referendum to secede, The Telegraph reports.”I’m very prepared. I believe in devolution, and I don’t just mean devolution in terms of power, I mean devolution in terms of giving people greater control over their own lives,” Cameron said in a statement at Edinburgh, where he is meeting Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond, as talks continue on the Scottish referendum.

However, Cameron refuses to accept adding the option of “devolution max” to the original referendum question, which simply asks people if they want to remain a part of the UK or not. He said he still believed in the UK “head, heart, and soul” and hoped Scotland would vote to stay.

But Cameron’s apparent backing-down to improve the odds in his favour stem from more than emotional attachment. While he admitted that both Scotland and England could survive as independent states, the breaking up of the UK could have dire consequences for its EU and NATO membership, as well as it’s permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council, according to the BBC.

“The UN Security Council seat, our membership of the European Union, our leadership in Nato, our nuclear deterrent, our strong armed forces, they are all things that belong to the whole of the United Kingdom,” Cameron said. “Clearly you can’t break them in bits, as the defence secretary put it, you can’t snap parts of our defence industry off like a bar of chocolate if Scotland was to go its own way.”

The UK and Scotland have been at loggerheads over everything from the referendum question to the process to be followed and its legality.

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