Fox Execs Made Cameron Diaz Re-Record Her Lines In 'The Counselor' Because She Sounded 'Too Much Like Rihanna'

Cameron Diaz The Counselor‘The Counselor’/FoxCameron Diaz was ‘forced to dub her work later, much to her chagrin.’

Ridley Scott’s star-studded thriller “The Counselor” hit theatres Oct.25 but audiences saw a slightly different version than what could have been.

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Cameron Diaz initially shot the film “with a full-on Rihanna-style accent — but Fox execs blanched, forcing her to dub her work later, much to her chagrin.”

So Diaz was sent back into a recording booth to soften her accent.

Scott’s rep declined comment to THR, while Diaz’s camp didn’t respond.

One scene the studio execs left in? Diaz’s infamous sex scene with a Ferrari.

But not even that could save the film from being a box office bomb.

After famed filmmaker Ridley Scott spent $US25 million making the film, it has only brought in $US18 million worldwide since opening two weeks ago.

The poor performance at the box office was a bit of a surprise, given the film featured an all-star cast that included not only Diaz, but Michael Fassbender, Penélope Cruz, Javier Bardem and Brad Pitt.

Watch a scene from “The Counselor” below to hear Diaz’s studio-approved, slight Barbadian accent:

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