MAIL HACK: Watch The Amazing Journey This Disposable Camera Took To Hawaii


Photo: Matthew McVickar

Matthew McVickar lives and works in Hawaii, and in his spare time, he likes to conduct experiments with mail.For example, he built an awesome piece of “cameramail” that prompts postal workers to take a picture with it before it goes to its next destination.

McVickar put the photos on his Flickr account so everyone could see what package goes through when it’s mailed.

Building the package.

McVickar writes instructions for the people to encourage them to use the camera.

The finished cameramail, ready to go.

Reverse side of the package.

Dropping it off at the post office.

The first photo taken. Off to a good start.

Getting sorted.

A shot of a forklift.

More sorting, probably after some air travel.

Getting ready to go out for delivery.

One last shot of postal service facilities.

Safe arrival in Hawaii!

This one went from Hawaii back to Massachusetts.

McVickar has even sent them as far away as Japan.

McVickar hacked the mail.

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