Suspended Cambridge Analytica CEO reportedly used the N-word in an email to describe potential clients

  • Cambridge Analytica’s now-suspended CEO reportedly referred to potential clients as “n—–s” in an internal email.
  • Alexander Nix was suspended from the data analytics company on Tuesday.
  • CA has come under fire after it was found to have collected and retained 50 million Facebook users’ personal data without permission.
  • Nix also offered to entrap politicians with bribes and sex workers, and bragged about CA’s role in Trump’s 2016 win.

Alexander Nix, the Cambridge Analytica (CA) chief executive who was suspended on Tuesday night, reportedly used a racial slur against black clients in an internal email.

Nix referred to two potential clients as “n—–s” in an internal email, The Times reported on Wednesday. Neither the identities of the potential clients, nor the subject of the email, were revealed.

CA did not immediately respond to Business Insider’s request for comment.

He and his colleagues were secretly filmed by Britain’s Channel 4 News boasting that they had worked in more than 200 elections around the world, including countries like Nigeria, Kenya, the Czech Republic, India, and Argentina.

They were also filmed offering to entrap politicians with bribes and sex workers, and bragging about how they helped Trump win the US election. In the undercover footage, Nix also claimed that the film had a self-destructing email system.

CA has since claimed that it was “not in the business of entrapment” and that suggestions that they helped Trump get elected were “patently absurd.”

CA was found to have harvested and retained the personal data of 50 million Facebook users without their knowledge or permisson.Facebook recently suspended CA for not destroying the data.