A hotel covered in lush green plants and trees is Asia's best hotel of 2019. Here's what it's like to stay there.

Viroth’s Hotel/TripAdvisorViroth’s Hotel is located in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

From Japan to Nepal, there are tons of places in Asia worth visiting. But, according to TripAdvisor, Cambodia should be at the top of your list.

Each year, the travel site hosts its annual Travellers’ Choice awards, celebrating the world’s best hotels, restaurants, attractions, and everything in between. And this year, Viroth’s Hotel in Siem Reap, Cambodia, was named the top Travellers’ Choice hotel in Asia.

The ’50s-inspired hotel is known for its lavish spa treatments and 65-feet-long swimming pool. It’s also covered in lush greenery, providing guests with stunning nature views from nearly every room. Here are 13 photos that show what it’s like to visit.

Visitors are introduced to the hotel’s greenery immediately upon entering.

Viroth’s Hotel/TripAdvisorClassic cars are lined up in front, showing the ’50s-inspired stylings of the hotel.

The outside of Viroth’s Hotel is covered in lush foliage, and gives travellers an idea of what to expect while inside.

There are 35 rooms spread throughout Viroth’s Hotel.

Viroth’s Hotel/TripAdvisorEach ‘Deluxe Double’ room includes one king-sized bed, a shower, and a living space.

The most simple are called “Deluxe Double Rooms,” and the most luxurious are called “Suite Pool View” rooms.

Although the two room types differ in size, they’re similar in almost every other aspect. The rooms feature similar decorations throughout, and both house up to three guests.

When choosing where to stay, visitors can decide whether they want to have a garden or pool view from their room.

Viroth’s Hotel/TripAdvisor‘Deluxe Double or Twin Rooms’ also feature small work spaces.

Travellers who choose a room with a garden view can enjoy a small outdoor patio surrounded by lush plants.

The hotel’s swimming pool measures 65 feet long.

Viroth’s Hotel/TripAdvisorGuests can relax under blue skies and the shade of lush greenery while swimming.

If you get hungry while swimming, there’s a poolside bar and an adjacent restaurant for visitors to enjoy.

Travellers can mingle in the shade on the hotel’s outdoor patios.

Viroth’s Hotel/TripAdvisorGreen furniture matches the plants that are placed throughout the hotel.

Cambodia can get pretty hot – the nation is located just above the equator, and usually reaches high temperatures between 70 and 95 degrees – but guests at Viroth’s can take some relief from the sun on outdoor patios covered by awnings.

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A small library is located inside one of the hotel’s indoor lounges.

Viroth’s Hotel/TripAdvisorThe library’s walls are see-through, giving visitors a view of nature while they sit inside.

After a day spent swimming in the hotel pool, travellers can sit back and get lost in a book.

You don’t have to skip your daily workout routine during your stay.

Viroth’s Hotel/TripAdvisorYou can also enjoy an outdoor view of the hotel’s vertical gardens.

A private gym is located within the hotel’s spa, and is equipped with treadmills, elliptical trainers, free weights, and more.

The hotel’s website says visitors can “discover the luxury of true indulgence” at its spa.

Viroth’s Hotel/TripAdvisorThe spa’s reception area features a large couch, small tables, and healthy snacks.

From inside, spa guests can view the hotel’s vertical gardens and pond before receiving body wrap, body scrub, or massage treatments.

The spa offers five different types of massages, all of which were designed with “soothing and restorative qualities” in mind, according to the hotel’s website.

Viroth’s Hotel/TripAdvisorThe spa is lined with wood walls, creating a tranquil atmosphere.

Arguably the best part about the hotel’s spa treatments is that they’re relatively inexpensive. 60-minute long massages can cost as little as $US28, while the longest massage, which lasts 120 minutes, costs $US48.

Travellers might be particularly interested in the spa’s “Khmer Traditional Massage” and “Khmer Herbal Compress Massage, which are both native to Cambodia. “Khmer” translates to “Cambodian,” and the techniques are said to date back hundreds of years.

The massage style requires participants to lay on their stomachs and backs, while amasseuse uses a deep kneading motion to relax the muscles.

As far as dining options go, visitors of Viroth’s Hotel have two options to choose from.

Viroth’s Hotel/TripAdvisorPlants are even part of the hotel’s restaurant decor.

The hotel’s main restaurant can be found right next to the pool. Most of the space is enclosed in glass, and is especially bright when illuminated at night.

The main restaurant is spread throughout multiple areas of the hotel.

Viroth’s Hotel/TripAdvisorThe restaurant serves Khmer dishes from Cambodia as well as a range of other types of cuisine.

For those who don’t wish to sit inside the glass room, visitors can dine in open seating areas.

The second dining location, Viroth’s Restaurant, is located a short distance away from the hotel on Wat Bo street.

Viroth’s Restaurant/TripAdvisorString lights are placed throughout the restaurant, creating a relaxing ambiance.

The short trip to this restaurant is worth it. While there, visitors can eat traditional Khmer food while surrounded by walls of beautiful foliage.

For those seeking a quick drink, a bar is located by the pool.

Viroth’s Hotel/TripAdvisorYou can buy Champagne, wine, and more from the bar.

There are plenty of classic cocktails to choose from, but the bar staff is also specially trained in making freshly squeezed juices.

Find out more about Viroth’s Hotel on its website.


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